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With any engineering project of this sort of scale there will be issues that need to be resolved and the Broadway is no exception.

Various issues have been raised such as vehicles U-turning across the Greenway, crossing points for pedestrians, concern about an increase in accidents/collisions, concern about the siting of the green man signals at some crossing points

Concerns had been expressed by some residents over the new signalled pedestrian crossing as they felt the green man phase didn’t give people long enough to cross the road.  Vicki and Thay met with RBK officers, Transport for London Signals officers and residents to discuss these issues and the green man phase was extended.

One issue that many people agree on is the design of the benches around the trees.  This is certainly something that we will be taking up with the design team in due course.

Tolworth Greenway has now  been up and running since last November and has made a tremendous difference to the look and feel of the Broadway.  A better environment for pedestrians and shoppers has been created and there has  been a lot of very positive feedback about the Greenway.

However, we have also been surveying local residents and listening  to their concerns and are looking to find the best way to deal with them.

Various safety reviews are planned and will be undertaken over the  coming months, in fact, some have already started.

Some of these reviews include:

Stage 3 road safety audit (already undertaken and report awaited)

Accessibility audit

Street lighting levels review

Attitude survey for public and stakeholders

Road traffic incident surveys

Air quality surveys

Initial results of a traffic survey do show that the average speed of traffic is now generally below 22mph

A recent survey by the Lib Dem Focus Team seem to show that many people feel happier shopping in the Broadway now and traders are feeling the benefit of that.

There is still some way to go but issues raised about the Greenway are being listened to and acted on.