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 Forgotten Area

Lorraine attended a Neighbourhood Committee meeting recently to alert local Councillors to the state of the “wildflower” garden that was created on King Georges Fields.  This area was supposed to be a space for sitting and relaxing but clearly it has become unkempt and overgrown.  Vicki requested a report at the next Neighbourhood Meeting detailing exactly what steps are going to be taken to rectify this situation and create the pleasant space that was originally intended.

Ever since the Government removed the air quality monitoring station from alongside the A3, your local Liberal Democrat Focus team,  have all been campaigning for more to be done to address the problem of air pollution in this area.

Vicki Harris, meeting with Edward Davey and Sarah Ludford said: "Labour let local people down badly. Air quality by the A3 has been poor for some time, so it was a nonsense when they were in Government to shut this monitoring site down. Poor air quality hits people's health, especially young children and the elderly, and diseases like asthma cost the NHS billions.”  

Although, current research indicates that there is new evidence linking air pollution to an increased risk of diabetes so its not just conditions like asthma we have to worry about.

Sarah Ludford MEP added “Liberal Democrats in Europe have also championed the environment, for example with new laws to cut air pollution, with legal limits on invisible toxic gasses like nitrogen dioxide that are emitted by vehicles”

Lorraine Rolfe added "The Chessington, Hook, Surbiton and Tolworth area needs cleaner air quality anyway, to prevent illness, especially breathing problems. We will be pushing Kingston Council to do what they can to help too but we need this air quality monitoring site back."

Recently, local Councillors have approved funding for the provision of a continuous Air Quality Monitoring Station to be located in the Neighbourhood at Tolworth Roundabout.    New monitoring  diffusion tubes have been installed in various locations within our area and these will provide more information on pollution levels in our streets.

It Pays To Do Things Properly

A cafe and gym have opened up in one of the commercial units on the Chessington Industrial Estate.  A lot of work has been done on this property to modernise and improve it, however, all of this is being done without planning permission.

The new facilities are a change of use and, as such, require planning permission.  Although a retrospective planning application was submitted, this was refused by the Council’s planners.  A report was submitted to the Neighbourhood Committee seeking approval to take enforcement action against this illegal use.  Although this was agreed by the Committee, the applicant has appealed and a decision is awaited.