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 John Tilley visionary  leader of Kingston Liberal Democrats set up the Neighbourhood Committees to Kingston Council in 1994.  

Tolworth and Hook Rise ward along with Chessington North & Hook ward and Chesssington South ward is situated within the South of the Borough Neighbourhood.

After the Liberal Democrats under the leadership of Roger Hayes regained control of the Council in May 2002 they immediately arranged for more powers to be transferred locally to Neighbourhoods.

All residents are welcome to attend Neighbourhood Committee meetings.  The agenda and dates for each meeting can be downloaded from the Council web site a week before. At the meetings you may ask questions and contribute to the debate on most items.

All South of the Borough Neighbourhood meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda which is available on the Council website and in the local libraries.

The meetings are normally held in local schools throughout the Neighbourhood and deal with local Council issues, such as planning applications, traffic management, transport, housing, street cleaning, road improvements, youth services, libraries etc.

As well as dealing with Council issues, the Neighbourhood Committee has also formed a South of the Borough Community Panel.  This panel consists of Council officers, Councillors, Residents Associations, residents and other stakeholders such as the Police, who work together to identify issues and concerns of the community.