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Finally South West Trains listen!

Your local LibDem Focus Team members are delighted that Tolworth Station has finally been repainted externally.  Users of the station have been suffering for far too long with this “run down” and neglected area.  The station has continued to see internal repair and redecoration thanks to local residents and your local Councillors demanding action. 

Focus Team member Sharon Hartley said: "Having contacted SWT in November last year to demand action, I am very pleased to see improvements being made.  I had started to despair that SWT were waiting for Tescos to pay for redecoration, despite maintenance being their responsibility. Local residents are delighted and I hope this will encourage more people to use this well-located service into London".

The power to enforce moving traffic offences has recently passed from the Police to the local Council.  The key movements that would come under these powers include banned left and right turns, one way streets (ignoring No Entry signs), bus only streets, pedestrian zones and yellow box junctions.  These will be enforced using cameras.

A priority location in our Neighbourhood for enforcement was the Cox Lane bus gate, however, your local Councillors opposed cameras at this location arguing they would be ineffective and that the only way to stop the regular contravention of  HGV’s in the residential area would be with a physical measure.  The Neighbourhood Committee considered a report detailing how rising arm barriers could be installed in the bus lanes.  It was agreed that this should be the way forward and progress is being made to achieve this.

Tolworth Station

Cox Lane Bus Gate