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Rolson Davieswent on to say “To make sure that local residents and the wider community received good value for money we were aware that maintenance costs of the Jubilee Way Playscape had to be kept to a minimum.  To achieve this, council contractors were involved from the start in the design of the layout of the Playscape.”

Vicki added “Forward planning of a scheme such as this is an example of how Liberal Democrats work, not only with, but also for the community to achieve the best value for them”.

Cllr Vicki Harris, was the Co-chair of the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee when this project was first  conceived.  She has  been deeply involved with the scheme ever since and said:

“This has become a fantastic new play area not only for older children but for families too. When we have consulted in the past with schools, older children, the Police and youth workers they have always told us there is not enough for older children to do and that we should provide better meeting and play opportunities.

Former Cllr Rolson Davies added “This project has been designed by youths and young people themselves, who chose the equipment, and we believe this will give them a sense of ownership of the area and to help us look after it well”.

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Tom Davies went on to say “This brilliant facility blends well with other sports facilities on King Georges playing fields.  It’s proving to be a fun place for families, children and young people, not only from Tolworth, Chessington and Hook but also further afield.”

Former Cllr Rob Lee said “I am particularly pleased that we had been able to bring this long unused derelict recreational area on King Georges playing fields back into use, and that throughout we have been able to use sustainable materials.