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Local Democracy

Our local Neighbourhood Committee introduced a scheme called “Your Money, You Decide” which gives local organisations the chance to bid for up to £2000 and lets local people decide who deserves a slice of the cash.

Local groups and organisations  who meet all the eligibility criteria can submit a bid for projects that will benefit those in the local ward   Any resident of our ward can come along that night to find out more about all the bids and then cast their votes according to who they believe should benefit.

Two successful rounds of Your Money, You Decide have already been held with many local groups receiving up to £2000 for their projects.  Some of the successful schemes included equipment for a local scout group and a scheme to combat burglary.

Vicki said, “This is a  very popular idea and it really enables local people to decide how their money should be spent to the benefit of their community.  It’s always good to see so many residents getting involved this way.”